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Mocktails Is Our Middle Name So Be Sure To Try Each One Of Them

Setups Available From Open To Close

We Are A BYOB Lounge Serving Mocktails To Accompany Your Bottles.

Strawberry Passion

Indulge In Passion With This Mocktail…. Mixture Of Strawberry Puree, Cranberry Juice & Topped With Strawberry Apricot Redbull.
It’s Passion In A Cup.
Best If Mixed With Tequila, Vodka Or Gin

Drop Them Peaches

Just As The Song “Drop Them Peaches”, This Mocktail Will Surely Have You Dropping Them Peaches 🍑. Mixture Of Peach Puree, Orange Juice, Lemon Juice & Topped With Peach – Nectarine RedBull.
Don’t Say We Didn’t WARN YA.
Best If Mixed With Any Peach Drink Or Tequila, Vodka, Gin or Peach Brandy.

I Been Drinking “Watermelon”

This Is Sweetness All In One Drink. Contains A Mixture Of Watermelon Puree, Cranberry Juice, Sweet & Sour, and Finally Topped With Watermelon Redbull.

Life’s A Beach

Like They Say, Life Is Nothing But A Beach. Indulge In The Tropics With This Tasteful Mocktail That Contains Every Flavor You Could Ever Imagine Or Think Of. Mixture Of Peach 🍑 Puree, Mango 🥭 Puree, Raspberry Puree, Orange 🍊 Juice With A Splash Of Lemon 🍋 Juice & Finally Topped With Tropical Redbull.


Let’s Just Say “Santo-Licious” Is One Of A Kind. Sweet Then Sour, Sour Then Sweet… It’s Kinda Hard To Tell Really But You Will For Sure Love The Taste..!!! Contains A Mixture Of Cucumber, Lemon Juice, Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice Mixed In A Separate Glass With Mango Puree, Peach Puree & Brown Sugar.
It’s Exactly The Meaning Of Life.
Best “IF” Mixed With Tequila or Vodka Or Gin.